Nodded a Hypnotic Yes

Let’s back up a bit to 33 years ago when Oral Roberts pitched his circus size healing tent on the outskirts of Spokane. At that time Oral Roberts hadn’t yet attained his goal of luxury living, but he was working hard at it.

Oral’s well organized machine did supply some entertainment, and tons of false hopes. Of course, the physically incapacitated were sorted out before the healing services. Identification numbers were just given to the selected ones, including a few that were pretty wobbly, but could still respond to questions and commands from Oral Roberts. If you were too caved in, or a 100% wheel chair patient, you were stored in an enclosed tent right behind Roberts’ high-platform pulpit. This sad group was of no physical use for Oral’s public demonstration. They were later to receive some long range benefit after the main show. 

With all due respect for some innocent souls, it was at times rather amusing. A sincere pioneer friend of strong faith finally got his turn to receive Oral’s ‘quick fix.’ He had some stomach trouble that needed taken care of by Roberts. His arm was in a sling from a harvest injury. Oral, thinking he wanted his arm healed instead of a stomach adjustment, grabbed his bandaged arm and raised it high up in the air and swung it around a bit as he said some powerful demanding words. Oral then asked the owner of the damaged arm if it didn’t feel better. He nodded a hypnotic 'yes' and walked off the slanting glory path. 

Later I found him outside of this miracle tent. He was holding his bad arm with his good arm since it was loaded with pain from being jerked out of its crutch-like sling. 

I then went back into the tent and mingled with the ones that weren’t healed yet. Soon a couple of Oral Roberts’ security guards came up on both sides of me and literally self-propelled me out of the healing line. When my feet were able to touch ground, they asked if I had a healing permit card. 

A dear friend that was stricken with leukemia sat for three nights in that chilly tent with her pastor. It took that long before Roberts was able to place his hand on her head. Weakened by the ordeal, Oral took from her the last hope she had. 

The Rocklyn pastor was asked to trace the fate of three Spokane businessmen he knew that received the ‘hot hand’ healing treatment from Roberts. The minister’s days of sleuthing ended rather quickly with the deaths of the three Spokane men. One died in short order when life sustaining medication was exchanged for Oral’s cruel hoax. Without a doubt, Oral Roberts has caused a lot of untimely deaths. 

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Roberts Fans Speak Up  

I found out that I didn’t win any awards from the Oral Roberts fans and that they believe in censorship. For example: Editor: This letter is in regard to the article in last week’s paper in “Kikbacks” by Walt Kik, titled, “Healing hoaxes hath no mercy.” 

"I cannot see that the publisher and editor would even allow such things to be put in the paper. To me it is junk.

"'Tough not my anointed,' is what the Bible says— the Bible is God’s word. 

"I never knew dear Oral Roberts had such friends as Walk Kik and Jerry Sholes — my, it is so nice they speak so well of him. But that’s the way the world does God’s people—they do not want God’s work to go on. 

"Just remember this folks. God’s judgment is coming one day, then it’s your turn. 

"I was also in that tent meeting that Walt tells about and the power of God was great — I was healed of a blood disorder that night and I praise God for that. 

"Oral Roberts has a personal line to God and he lives, believes, and does what his God wants him to do, no matter what the unbelievers think, write or say . . . 

"I will certainly pray for you that you will have better judgment of what is allowed to be in the Davenport Times." 

(A lady from Edwall) 

"Roberts Fans Speak Up" Kik-Back Country, page 59 


Spokane Chronicle Sep 7th, 1954

"...Oral Roberts has caused a lot of untimely deaths."
Bellingham Herald