Hats of Every Description on their Heads

Anyway, it will soon be Easter. Maybe by then we will be able to see and smell lots of black wet ground. Easter used to be the time to put on your best ‘Sunday-go-meeting' clothes. Easter morning services gave women an excuse to put hats of every description on their heads. Entering the church without a pair of white gloves was frowned upon. 

Even the Easter Rabbit has changed her habits too. Dad told us that the Easter Bunny would come to our place, carrying all her Easter eggs in her tummy. Sister and I would line our boxes with straw to make them soft for Bunny’s posterior, and place them under the kitchen window. During the dead of night, the Easter Bunny would nestle down cozy-like, and lay lots of colored Easter eggs in our boxes. In some ways, in those days, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny had the same kind of working hours. 

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Walt Kik
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