Those Destructive Evil-Minded Fellows

Another disaster hit Lincoln County a century ago. Armies of squirrels came in from every direction. It was like a nightmare. Some farmers even dug trenches around their fields to try and stop those destructive, evil-minded little fellows. A post office guy that felt sorry for the farmers, went out on a weekend and slaughtered 1,100 squirrels. A farmer near Wilbur took the lives of 16,000 squirrels during the summer. Bounties and free poison ran the county in debt to the tune of $40,000. That was a lot of dough in those days.  

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Walt Kik
The Spokesman-Review Feb 1896

Walt Kik
"1920 rabbit drive southwest of Odessa, Washington"
Odessa Historisches Museum

Walt Kik

Walla Walla Statesman - February 15, 1879