Lincoln County Fits Me Just Fine

Lincoln County fits me just fine. One of Robin’s [cousin Robin Williams] travelogues showed lots of statues of nude bodies and scads of old paintings. We have right here, rocks that Indians of long ago smeared lots of colored paint on. All this took place long before Michelangelo was born. The Indians may not have been too skillful as artists, but they had more fun playing with waterproof paints than Michelangelo did. In later life, Michelangelo was forced to paint under pressure by a lot of bigwigs. 

Robin probably would lose his shirt, financially, if he made a movie on the past and present of our territory. There just isn’t enough evidence that our earliest day Indians whacked each other to pieces, so the excitement would be missing. It seems like our historical natives were too busy looking for camas and wild berries to take time out to make violent history. 

"Roaming Relatives" Kik-Back Country, page 23, part 2 (previous)

Walt Kik
She Who Watches
" that Indians of long ago smeared lots of colored paint on."
Walt Kik

Walt Kik
The Los Angeles Times · 22 Dec 1968