A Practically Brand New Bride

Every settlement has a heritage tale of some kind to tell. Mondovi is no different than any other place. True, old time events are slanted to what one knows about the past. 

So now let’s start off by heading east of Mondovi for a five minute walk down Railroad Avenue. There, to the left, lived a guy by the name of George Betts. He had a farm but needed a wife, so he married my Aunt Lou. George, then, built a fancy home. He came from an inventive family, so [he] built a factory like shop that was powered by the wind. Shop holidays were when the air stood still. 

Having no control over a fatal illness. George Betts died, leaving behind a practically brand new wife. My aunt then picked for her second husband, a gambler and a rounder by the name of Jack Smith. Being full of faith, she had plans to reform him. Finally, Auntie Lou realized husband number two had no desire to look at the hind ends of horses all day long while doing field work, so she sold the farm to my dad.


"Mondovi And The Zeimantz Family" Kik-Back Country, page 20, part 2 (previous)

Walt Kik

Walt Kik
Lincoln County Historical Museum