Both the Crooks with One Shot

Except for these surprise parties that winter, the only other thing that happened and made conversation for a couple of weeks was when, in Davenport, Charlie Myer’s jewelry store safe got blown to bits by a couple of crooks. These thieves dumped all their ill-gotten goodies into a sack and beat it up the courthouse hill. In true western fashion, Marshal Pebles lined up his gun in such a way as to get both the crooks with one shot. The bullet sailed through the first crook and then traveled on to hit the second crook. With help, Mr. Pebles then finished up the job by throwing the rascals in jail and calling the doctor. 

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Marshal John Pebles / Find-a-Grave

Walt Kik

The Spokesman-Review · 5 Mar 1918

John and Elizabeth Pebles / Find-a-Grave