The Chinese, Or a Lot of Russians?

Properly preparing the combine for storage should become some sort of ritual. If done correctly, a feeling of nostalgia will sweep over you. Pick a day when the wind is real quiet, and that sun has that stingy fall feeling when it hits the outside of your skin. Tarry for a bit while looking out over the stubble fields. You will then realize your part of the job is done. Think for another moment, who will eventually eat all that wheat out there in those mountains of plastic-covered piles? Will it be the Chinese, or a lot of Russians?

When the thinking time is over, make one last tour around the combine. This time with a pencil and paper in hand, Write down any injuries that need attending to before next harvest. Place the note in an envelope; then put it in the tool box. The prescription letter will come in handy at repair time.

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Walt Kik
Creston, August 2016 (my photo)

Walt Kik


  1. The current railroad operator of the CW branch derailed a locomotive right next to the 2019 wheat pile. I stopped by to see the unusual site, all the while wheat was being dumped into the already very full pile, just like what you have photographed here.



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