Plastic Bubble Wobbling Over Combines

Talking to Lucille got me thinking. By golly, her husband Eddy had farmers beat by a mile when it came to bedding down machinery between working seasons. To protect the paint on his combine, waxing and polishing was as necessary as replacing a broken sprocket. To Eddy, his machinery had to look like it had lots of love and tender care. Except for using a different brand of wax, his son Tom is following in his footsteps.

Speaking about the trouble some farmers go to when it comes to making a storage place for their combines, a retiree at the Ritzville Fair Saturday, told me how he rimmed out a place for their barn where the horses used to stand during feeding time. The height between horses and combines was considerable. So rather than try the herculean attempt to raise the barn off the foundation, he dug a trench at the entrance deep enough to bob the combine into this shelter. It was done without knocking off elevators and other essential things.

Since combines are used only about 20 days out of a year, it makes them the most expensive piece of machinery to store. Maybe someday it will be more practical to have a self-inflated plastic bubble wobbling over combines.

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"...a self-inflated plastic bubble wobbling over combines."

Walt Kik
[This prediction of Walt's is worth noting!]