Spoiled That Adam and Eve Look

What did I do July 27 on my birthday? Well, I ran in the Bare Buns Fun Run. After all, I came into this world naked 77 years ago, and it was neat to have a chance to celebrate in my same birthday suit. The Pueblo Indians of early days couldn’t have been any closer to nature than a group of about 300 were that Sunday. I had the urge to run without any body coverage, for as long as old man Daby had for wanting to run across the U.S. 

There were lots of runners Sunday in the high caliber bracket of society that I knew. So before condemning anyone for enjoying a carefree run, remember it might be your next door neighbor who ran, minus the fig leaf. Many of you local runners would know several that didn’t mind streamlining their bodies down to zero. 

How did all this ‘Garden of Eden’ stuff get started? Sign up forms were available at the Y.W.C.A. The Kaniksu Ranch that is affiliated with the Northwest Sunbathers Association sponsored the run. A briefing was held at the Y.W.C.A. for those that hadn’t run before in this unique race. Also membership is open to all those who demonstrated by their conduct that their attitudes are compatible with the purpose and goals of the organization. 

Thinking I’d be the oldest fossil down at this nature’s paradise, I got fooled. At the entrance an 80 year old guy by the name of Matt Roberts is this nudist colony’s official greeter and sign up fellow. His white hair and all over tan body truly made him a picture of health. 

This nudist camp made as much out of their race as if it was the Bloomsday run. The night before this momentous event, they filled us up on carbo-loaded food. (Spaghetti, salad and bread.) 

What seemed strange to me, was when morning came, you just got up and got going. There is no value in having shades in campers, except for special personal occasions. 

What was it like to run ‘bare butt style’? It’s no big deal. For those that are critical of such goings-on, it’s their hang-up, not mine. True Bare bun living is not for everyone. The only ‘shock’ will be your surprise at how easy it is to go nude, and how thoroughly enjoyable it can turn out to be. 

To make better time as a streaker, everyone wore shoes. However, wearing jogging shoes sort of spoiled that Adam and Eve look. A couple of ladies were wearing halters due to their heavy breasts getting out of rhythm with their jogging stride. 

The course went down a winding stretch that had scenic wonders on both sides of the road. The view I had in front throughout the run, reminded me of artist Reubens’ paintings of nudes scampering down the road to somewhere. 

Runners were wishing me a happy birthday throughout the run. They had my age made up on the running tag that hung from my neck. How sweet. While picking up my award, it was a novelty to hear 300 nudies singing happy birthday to me. 

Nudists proved to be a very friendly bunch. They all seemed interested about the good life, and who you are, which made us visitors feel quite at home. The conversation never settled on how much clothes cost, or where you got them. 

Recreational sports including swimming are as much a part of nudist life as sunbathing itself. The association maintains a legal fund to fight any harassment by local authorities when members are on chartered grounds. 

It was a pleasure to visit and experience something different. They all have their own unique personalities, including the youngsters who also know when and where stripping is OK. 

Sugar didn’t want to get her buns sunburned, so she didn’t go with me. She went to the Rocklyn picnic instead. I made it back late Sunday to Mielke’s picnic grounds, where the accepted way of life greeted my eyes with sights of shorts, slacks and farmers in overalls. I gave Sugar a big hug, and thanked her for her special birthday present of encouraging me to do my own thing. Happy birthday was sung by a smaller group this time that had clothes on. 

Later I grabbed a ride on one of the Mielke sponsored hayrides. Wearing shorts did protect my buns while sitting on those stickery haybales. It made viewing the evening scenery from the wagon more comfortable. 

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Walt Kik

"Joshua Elmer and son, circa 1903"
Elmer, Joshua, 1867-1943
Joshua Elmer holds his young son aloft, balancing him high overhead on a single hand. This may be Elmer's youngest son, Rudolph, born 1901. Note: This is almost certainly a self-portrait.