Events Keep Popping Up

FORWARD to Kik-Back Country

I never had any idea that I could have kept plugging along for over 12 years, writing about stuff and things. My how time flies! It’s been four years since Kik-Backs was put together. Seems like events, past and present, keep popping up in my surroundings. 

The human mind, when it’s all-together, holds an amazing amount of memories. Yet my mind has some genetic faults. Short-term memory allows me to dial a number that I find in the telephone book, then forget the number at the first “Hello.” 

In my spare time, I simply write as a hobby. During my teen-age years, I started keeping a diary of my rather discontented life in Southern California. It served as a pacifier during those years that I longed to return to the land of my birthplace. 

In 1939, Sugar took over the job of keeping a diary. All this stored up material was a help for some of my stories. So were all the records, clippings and notes that I have laying around in a careless manner. 

Big thanks goes to Phyllis Hinkins for her artistic ability that adds a visual picture to some of my stories. Appreciation goes to Frank Stedman for taking on the job of publishing this book. I have given Sugar some extra hugs (the affectionate kind) for being my dictionary, and proof reader. My final thanks to you good readers for all your response, both the good and the not so good. Especially on the touchy subjects. You made my amateur writings a challenge. 

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