Events Keep Popping Up

FORWARD to Kik-Back Country

I never had any idea that I could have kept plugging along for over 12 years, writing about stuff and things. My how time flies! It’s been four years since Kik-Backs was put together. Seems like events, past and present, keep popping up in my surroundings. 

The human mind, when it’s all-together, holds an amazing amount of memories. Yet my mind has some genetic faults. Short-term memory allows me to dial a number that I find in the telephone book, then forget the number at the first “Hello.” 

In my spare time, I simply write as a hobby. During my teen-age years, I started keeping a diary of my rather discontented life in Southern California. It served as a pacifier during those years that I longed to return to the land of my birthplace. 

In 1939, Sugar took over the job of keeping a diary. All this stored up material was a help for some of my stories. So were all the records, clippings and notes that I have laying around in a careless manner. 

Big thanks goes to Phyllis Hinkins for her artistic ability that adds a visual picture to some of my stories. Appreciation goes to Frank Stedman for taking on the job of publishing this book. I have given Sugar some extra hugs (the affectionate kind) for being my dictionary, and proof reader. My final thanks to you good readers for all your response, both the good and the not so good. Especially on the touchy subjects. You made my amateur writings a challenge. 

© 1987 Walt Kik 

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Connie's Grandfather's Diary Project:

1950-1957 Overview - As Mom Remembers

By late fall 1950, things between Mom and Grandma had reached the breaking point. Mom’s girlfriends were all dating older guys who they found much more exciting than high school boys. Mom felt more grown up than her 17 years and ready to start her adult life. Grandma was “too controlling” and by Christmas 1950, she had moved in with her younger, recently widowed, Aunt Anna. This caused a rift in the family and Mom, for a time, saw little of our grandparents. 

It was during this time Mom started dating Kenny. Five years older than Mom, Kenny had dropped out of Ballard High School at 17 and joined the Navy. Family lore contends that his ship was headed to Japan in 1945 when the bomb was dropped, and his ship turned around. Whether true or not, by the time Mom meets Kenny in 1950, he is gainfully employed as a jitney driver at Boeing. Outgoing and funny, “everyone” liked him and I assume mom was enamored as only a 17 year old can be. 

On April 7, 1951 they were married and mom moved into the Kjorsvik family home. She graduated from Ballard High School that June. In July, Kenny’s Dad, Melvin, died suddenly unloading his boat at Fisherman’s Terminal. Mom and Kenny continued living for a period of time with his mom Anna. Mom has some of her happiest memories of family life during this time. Anna loved having weekly card parties with the neighborhood women. At these parties,Mom remembers freshly baked donuts, delivered by local bakeries as an extra bonus. Mom loved Anna Kjorsvik who, as a young widow, began cleaning houses on Magnolia Bluff. Kenny and Mom would drive her to and from work and were impressed by the stately homes. One street in particular, Constance St. inspired the naming of their first baby. 

Chris and Kenny’s wedding shower at John and Ellen’s Seattle home

By 1952, the very short honeymoon over, mom was a pregnant 18 year old. Kenny continued working at Boeing but his reputation as a ladies man reared its head when a woman from Boeing called the house looking for him. Unaware that he was married, she admitted eventually that she too was pregnant .Mom had some savings bonds from working at Fort Lawton. She was desperate and decided to cash them in to pay for an illegal abortion. Mom forced Kenny to quit his job at Boeing as a result. 

By the time Connie was born there was a reconciliation with the Antonsons, as mom was at the beginning of her motherhood years, and needed all the help she could get. Kenny’s wayward eye reared it’s head again and newborn Connie was sent off to “Auntie Chris’s' overnight as a horrified Christine admitted Kenny had infected her with crabs. While pregnant with Diane, Anna Kjorsvik sadly had passed away from cancer and Mom and Kenny moved to the upstairs unit in Grandpa’s duplex. 

In the early days of their marriage, Kenny was still close to his older brother, Melvin Jr. Somehow the two of them “came across” a case of free whiskey. A party of Ballard friends seemed in order. Fortunately the downstairs tenants were out of town as the party was well attended. At some point during the evening, Mom saw Kenny lead a woman into the bedroom where Connie and 2 week old Diane were sleeping. Turns out a Ballard friend was now dating the female Boeing worker who Kenny had the affair with.( Kenny decided she’d like to see his girls.) Mom whispered to Melvin she thought she knew what Kenny was doing and who the woman was. Melvin immediately picked a fight with the woman’s boyfriend and it quickly became a riot. People in the neighborhood called the police. Melvin blackened the new boyfriend’s eyes and broke his nose which landed the poor guy in the Ballard Hospital. Kenny and Melvin were taken to jail. 

The remaining few years of her first marriage continued with many dramatic ups and downs. During the summer of 1955, Kenny fished with Grandpa, “the only time he ever really hit it big”. Kenny spent his share quickly on a down payment for a new car and his first, (and only?) house mortgage. Right off 32nd and 62nd, it was a small 2 bedroom older cottage, with a living room just big enough for a couch, a chair and most importantly, our first tv. Inherited from his mother, I remember disagreements about Kenny’s love of watching boxing, Mom preferred Liberace. I can still remember how angry Mom was when Kenny decided one evening a children’s program was important enough to get me out of bed to watch. 

Kenny liked working nights and the freedom it afforded him to hang out with friends, both male and female. By now, being a driver was his chosen profession. I remember him working for Troy laundry as a delivery man and eventually, he became a taxi cab driver. Mom hated not knowing where he was or what he was up to. She even admitted to putting us to bed one night and heading out to his favorite haunts looking for him. Finding him at the Lockspot, she picked up his pitcher of beer and threw it in his face. 

By late 1956, things had begun to unravel for good. Mom was 23 and had given birth to her third girl, Lori, that September. Despite having lots of support from Grandma, Aunt Vivian and others, the stress of having a husband who “everyone loved” was taking a toll on her. In those days, joining the Ballard Eagles was almost expected. Everyone in their social circle, plus most of their relatives, were members. Charming and funny, Kenny was chosen to be a speaker at an evening event. Everyone they knew was in attendance, except Mom. She undoubtedly felt stuck home, as usual, with 3 small kids. 

It didn’t take long the next morning for the stories of the evening before to reach Mom. Everyone had watched as Kenny sat at a table with another woman and then proceeded to dance the night away with her. For mom, it was her last humiliation and she wasn’t waiting around for Kenny’s “explanation”. Her first call was to Grandpa. She’d seen the “For Rent” sign in the downstairs window of his duplex. She said she was leaving Kenny for good and wanted to move out immediately. 

Grandpa was against the idea. He felt it would be too hard for her to support her kids. But mom was determined and he relented. She called every friend she had for help, and by that evening they’d moved all she owned into the duplex. She left Kenny’s belongings in a box on the front porch of the locked house, where he found them when he came home from work. 

A few months of drama followed. I started kindergarten in the fall of 1957, walking from the duplex to Webster Elementary, Dede would stand at the window and cry as I left for school. Kenny occasionally would pick me up after school which I looked forward to. One afternoon I saw what I recognized as a man wearing Dad’s coat standing in front of school. I decided even though the man was standing in front of a different car than Kenny drove, that coat meant it was my dad picking me up. I jumped in the back seat, much to the surprise of the unknown driver. At some point Kenny took off to Hollywood with a friend, where we were told he scraped together enough money to rent a theater. His attempt to have a career in comedy must have failed. He was home by December 1957, pleading with mom for reconciliation. I remember the last visit to the duplex when he sang her “You Are My Sunshine”. Mom was emotional, but she stood her ground. She signed the little house off 32nd over to Grandpa and for the next year, the duplex was once again our home. 


Grandpa’s diaries helped fill in the blanks between my dimming memories and Mom’s stories. I’ve only included the diary entries that had direct references to our immediate family. Months of his notes concerning fishing trips and extended family and friends I’ve omitted. This confirmed my sense that we spent a lot of time with our Grandparents. That at times of uncertainty and chaos, they were always there to pick up the pieces. The day of my wedding, Grandma hugged me and told me that we 5 kids were the best thing that ever happened to them. Looking back at our early years, I’m thankful that they were, likewise, the best thing to happen to us.

John Antonson’s Diaries



Christine, Connie, Chris, Grandma Weber

Tuesday, April 28, 1953 

Fooled around home painting high chairs etc. Christine is going to have another baby we found out today. 

Sunday, May 10, 1953 

We had to call off the Christening as Connie was sick but we had a big bunch here all day and had a good time. 

Wednesday, May 27, 1953

Gail [Henry] is very low and Mrs. Kjorsvik was buried Saturday.

Thursday, June 11, 1953 

This afternoon I put a new board on the drain board in the lower duplex. Gale died at 8pm tonight so we took Florence home from the hospital. 

Saturday, July 18, 1953 

I had to fix the front door lock on the downstairs apartment and Connie’s first birthday and so they had a little party in the afternoon. In the evening television. Fine weather but a little cloudy. 

Donna Mae, Connie, Wes, Barb, Gary Dahlby

November 1953

Friday, July 24, 1953 

Busy this morning. I got Chris a Hellicrafter (radio) for her birthday and Chris had us down there for dinner and coffee tonight. I feel awful tired today. I sure hope all the fish don’t go by before Monday. 

Saturday, August 6, 1953 

Slept late and went shopping and put up a curtain rod for Sis. This evening we went to Clare Hawley’s wedding and afterwards we stopped off at Mildred Ellingson. 

Friday, August 28, 1953 

We got a haul of 450 at Eagle Point then nothing til noon. George and Erna came out then we got 600 in the pass and a skunk farther up 4pm. So into Anacortes and home to my little granddaughter Diane-born Wednesday the 26th. $266.00 this week. 

Saturday Sep 5, 1953

Got a haircut and did our shopping. Joe and Millie pulled in at 1:30 and we left at 2:00. Sis was there with both her babies and Chris is getting a workout.

Thursday, September 24, 1953 

I hooked up Teen’s washing machine then planned a trip to Yakima but got a call from Poulsbo that Dad was in the hospital in Bremerton. So we went to Bremerton and saw Dad. He had blood in his water but it quit now. We stayed with Mom. 

Tuesday, September 29, 1953 

I got a trailer this morning and hauled the 50 m strip to the dock and took the 100 back and have the 100 salted down. I now have 5 men. Sis and Kenny were up for salt King Salmon tonight. 

Saturday, October 17, 1953 

I spliced my purse line and at 5 pm we took the ferry and visited the folks. We had Chris and Kenny and Connie along. Then to Arlene’s wedding and if was a nice affair. Down to Bert’s afterwards for a lot of drinks. 

Saturday, October 31, 1953 

Halloween and we put earnest money down on a house at 7350 17th NW. Now I don’t know if we want it. Only $6500 cash though. Tonight we stayed home waiting for Frank Schukar. Sis and Kenny were here and Anna and Donna. 

Oct. 31st, 1953

Friday, November 6, 1953 

Arne and John and I took oil and water and put the boat away after we changed oil. And tonight Sis and Kenny had a surprise dinner for my birthday. I got some socks, suspenders and screwdrivers and some nice cards. 

Thursday. November 19, 1953 

Over to the new house at 7350-17th NW and got a good start on lowering the ceiling in the bathroom. I changed the switch too. Madge and family and the young Kjorsvik’s were up for codfish dinner.

Friday, November 20, 1953 

Chris helped me this afternoon and we covered the ceiling and half way down with plasterboard and then tonight we had dinner at Kjorsvik’s. 

Tuesday November 24, 1953

Chris and I cleaned up the yard at 7350. We had a call from George and Erna. They are coming tomorrow. Mel and Kenny are roofing the duplex.

Thursday November 26th, 1953

We all had dinner at John and Ellen’s and things went along good. Only Louie got a little high. We played some poker and never got home ‘til 1:00 am.

Chris, John, George, Katherine, Margaret, Louie,

Anna, Erna, Barb, Donna Mae. Nov. 26th, 1953

Dec. 23rd, 1953

Tuesday, December 8, 1953 

Kenny and Mel are roofing the duplex and are roofing 7350 too. They are doing both places for $551.00 which is fair I think. 

Thursday December 23, 1953 

Xmas Eve and tonight we were down to Teen’s. It was a slow Christmas, so few there. No Yakima company. 

Thursday, December 31, 1953

I put a can of paint on the kitchen wall and that was it for this year. Then John, Ellen, John and Gudrun, Anna, Chris and I went down to the Eagles and had a very good time and now we start another year.


Saturday, January 1, 1954 

We took it easy today. Visited with Sis and went over to John and Ellen’s and had dinner that Louie brought and went home at 8:30 and to bed. 

Sunday, February 13, 1954 

Lazy day but we sure had lots of company to see. Grandma Weber, Kjorsvik’s 4, Strieck’s 4, Hewlings 2, Holms 2, Reardon’s 3, Webers 3, and then Florence, Wesley and us. So there were 23 here at once. 

Thursday, March 4, 1954 

No call just yet this week so I put another light in the hall at 6559 and I plan to fix the back porch for the kids to play on. Nice sunshine. 

Saturday, March 6, 1954 

I took Chris, Wes and Florence downtown and then I went to Dr Hoffman for an eye exam for new glasses. I am going to get bifocals this time. Then home and worked on the gate for Chris’s back porch. Tonight Grandma W went to Anna’s and we went to Ing and Thelma’s. 

Friday, March 12, 1954 

Another coat of paint on Florence’s ceiling, put more slats on Teen’s back porch so she can let the kids play out there.


Wesley’s 7th Birthday

“Left Ballard…with 20 aboard”

Monday, March 15, 1954 

Report to the Unemployment . Then home and couldn’t get in at Sis’s to finish the cabinet. So I did not get much done today. 

Sunday, March 28, 1954 

Chris and I were home alone until 4 pm. Then the Kjorsvik’s came and Wes and Florence came so we had a big dinner. In the evening Kath and Louie came home with Grandma W. 

Monday, April 5, 1954 

Another day at Todd’s. Fine weather. Wesley’s 7th birthday and Chris had a party for him.

Sunday, May 9, 1954 

Mother’s Day. I made a gadget for the cable and then took Sis and Kenny out to Arthur’s for dinner.

Saturday, June 19, 1954 

We left Ballard at 10:30 am with 20 aboard and went to Poulsbo aboard the Souvenir. It rained and was not very nice but we all had a good time. We ended up at John and Goody’s. We took Connie and Diane up to see Mother and Dad. 

Sunday, June 27, 1954 

Took it easy and in the afternoon we took Sis and family for a long ride to the Schukar’s and then had dinner at their home.

Sunday, July 18, 1954 

Today was Connie’s 2nd birthday and we had a little party in the backyard. We left at 3: 30 and reached Alex Bay at 8pm. I hope fishing is a little better this week but I really don’t expect much.

Friday, July 23, 1954 

We made it to James Bay on a jump for 0. Then to Ice B where we land around 2 hours and set again for 0. While we were at Ice B, the fish were at Alex Bay. Rock the boats, had from 2 to 600 on the flood. So we ended the day with no fish and pretty discouraged. Home at 8pm where Chris had a birthday party for Sis. 

Wednesday , September 15, 1954 

John and I left with the Souvenir from Channel Bay at 7:50 am, Anacortes at 1:32 pm. Kenny and Sis came up and got us and we were home again at 6. Hank and Sena were here and stayed for dinner. As Grandma W and Wesley are staying here we are tied up and can’t go anywhere. 

July 18th, 1954

“Little Diane’s Birthday Two Days Before 1 Year Old”

Mother Weber’s 77th birthday Aug. 24th, 1954

Dec. 12th, 1954

Monday, October 4, 1954 

We left the Weber’s loaded with canned goods and spuds at 10am and were at Florence’s at 3pm. Picked up Wes and then I went around the docks for awhile. The season is closed until October 6. Home watching TV tonight. Kenny is not going out this fall so now I am a man short. 

Saturday, November 20, 1954 

All I did today was look for a new car. I had a Plymouth and a DeSoto out and they were both nice. Hazel and Leo were out tonight. Sis and Kenny are having bad trouble. 

Monday, November 22, 1954

Today was a big day. Sis and Kenny decided to split up. I got my old car ready for California. Then I went and bought a new 1955 DeSoto Firedome. It cost $3520.00. I got $925.00 for mine.

Tuesday, December 21, 1954 

Anna has decided to take Grandma W. home and get a woman to take care of her and I am glad of that. I tried to do some Christmas shopping. I bought Sis and Kenny a $25 gift certificate and Chris a $60 one and I got Chris an electric frying pan. 

Friday, December 31, 1954 

Last day of the year and we had our night at the Eagle’s and a good time was had by all. Sis and Kenny were there with a party too.


Wednesday March 23, 1955

We got the concrete at 1 pm and all done at 5. Then we had dinner with Sis and Kenny and stayed with the kids while they went to the show. 

Sunday, April 17,1955

 Sis and the kids went with us to Poulsbo to see Mom and Dad. We came home at 6 tired from the night before. 

Saturday, July 9, 1955

I decided to go to Anacortes to check on the power takeoff and it did not work and so now we are going to take the boat to Seattle and get a bigger one. Kenny is taking the boat down tomorrow. Arrived home around 7pm 

Sunday, July 10, 1955

Chris and Florence took Sue and Did to Chelan to camp and then went to Yakima. I washed the car and then Stan Bronk and I took Kenny back to Anacortes. Ham and Eggs at Stan’s then home to bed. 

Saturday, July 30, 1955

Mom’s birthday yesterday and we went to Poulsbo and had coffee with her and we took Connie along. After dinner we went over to John and Goodie’s for a while. 

Easter Sunday April 1955

Friday, August 5,1955 

Chris and I washed the bedroom this morning and that is about all I did today. Tonight we saw The Torchlight Parade. Connie and Wes were along. 

Saturday, August 27, 1955

Mowed the lawn and it was Diane’s birthday so we had dinner and cake for her. We left at 1:30 pm and arrived at Alex Bay at 7. We started a purse line that I am going to put in this week. 

Friday, September 2, 1955

Chris left for Yakima at 10:30 and I went to Poulsbo to visit the folks. Home on the 10:35 and played around the Eagles with Sharf and Peeples. 

Friday, September 23, 1955

I am going to get a block to try so I am going 7 men. I mowed the lawn and rested. Christine and Kenny had me look at a house. I ok’ed it so they put $900 down and $53 a month and it’s an old house but not too bad. 

Friday, October 15, 1955

Blowing SE this morning so we made 1 for 11 fish and took the skiff aboard and went to Ballard. It really rained all day. Kenny got off today so now I have to get another man. 

“Fishing Aboard the Souvenir”

Saturday, October 22, 1955

John and I oiled then I hooked up Sis’s washing machine in their new home. Went over to Red’s tonight for a while and that was about all for today. 

Sunday, November 6, 1955

We had Louie, Katherine and the whole gang was with us in the evening for my birthday. We had a beautiful day today. 

Saturday, November 12, 1955

I finished up on the boat today and now we are ready to go to Anacortes. Awful cold today, my skiff engine is frozen. I covered the water pipes at home and at the duplex. We have Connie and Diane here tonight. 

Sunday, November 13, 1955

Still cold, I ran the machine and also the skiff. This afternoon we had a housewarming on Sis and Kenny. 

1955 Thursday, November 24, 1955

Thanksgiving Day and we really had it with all the trimmings. A very nice dinner and we have lots to be thankful for. 

Thursday, December 1, 1955 

We have decided to paint the interior of the house so we got a little start today. I got the dining room ceiling done and we bought our paint for the living room and dining room. Sis and Kenny here for dinner. 

Thursday, December 15,1955 

I washed the car and picked up a few loose ends. Chris had Sis’s kids here and went shopping. I put a new light in our bedroom. Tonight we addressed Christmas Cards. 

Monday, December 19, 1955 

Down to Nordby‘s to square up my debt from Friday, and try to exchange Pa’s pants. The snow is melting tonight and it is raining. We had Grandma and Connie here all day. 

Wednesday, December 21, 1955 

Pouring down rain but I went and got a Christmas tree and we put it up this afternoon. Now it looks like Christmas around here. Sis and Ken here for dinner and we had lutefisk. 

Thursday, December 22,1955 

Chris and I went shopping and now we are all set. Tonight we baked Fattigman and Krumkake. Marge and Dick were here.

Friday, December 23,1955 

Our 20th Anniversary and we had dinner at Sis’s and then took a ride out to Hazel and Curtis’s. The car would not start and I had a fellow push it and finally got it started. Floods around Eureka. 

Saturday, December 24, 1955 

I took Wes and Florence to the 8:10 train and tried to get through to Eureka but no go. We had the Weber’s and Kjorsviks here for dinner and then to Anna’s for the tree and Tom and Jerry’s. 

Sunday, December 25, 1955 

Xmas Day and floods are still bad in No.Cal. and we are worried about Lindy (Johanson’s) mill. We had all hands here for Turkey dinner, cards and drinks. Santa was good to me. Electric shaver, necktie, pipe and shirt and other 

Wednesday, December 28, 1955 

Louie and I went down to Nordby and exchanged Sis’s heater for a new one. Tonite we had dinner at the 45th St. Cafe. 


Grandpa and Wesley’s dog Buttons

Sunday, January 15, 1956 

Took it easy and did some visiting. Over to White’s, Kjorsviks and the Scott’s. Then picked up Wes and went home. 

Sunday, January 22, 1956 

Went over to Madsen’s this morning. He is behind again. But said he was going to pay tomorrow. We visited Dick and I paid him $48.14. Visited Marge then home with Connie, Diane and Wes. 

Tuesday, February 7, 1956 

Doctor day again so a late start and only got a few bricks on.. Kenny and Sis here for Potato Balls. It was Kenny’s birthday. John and Goody here for a while tonight. 

Sunday, February 12, 1956 

Slept late and cleaned the inside of the car. Then stopped by the Reardon’s and had dinner with Madge. Up to Red’s and got a little pup from Sis for Wesley. 

Sunday, February 19, 1956 

We sure had a lazy day today. We laid around all day. Had a fire in the fireplace and Sis and Kenny came for dinner. We have a pup here now. His name is Buttons, 7 weeks old. 

Jan. 1st, 1956

Grandpa with Madge Reardon, wife of a fisherman who died at sea. Madge was a friend of Helen Gillespie.

Saturday, April 7, 1956 

I went down and voted at the Fisherman’s. I voted not to strike. Then we shopped with Sis’s kids. Then over to Margaret’s as Dick and Tweedy were visiting from Portland. 

Thursday, May 5, 1956 

Left at 8am and Chris and I took Connie and Diane with us and went to Anacortes. I found out I am going to have the Souvenir again. Then home and painted the trim on the north side. 

Saturday, June 2, 1956 Cloudy today and it looked like rain. I shopped for some lumber for a playhouse but bought nothing. I made a sandbox in the afternoon and mowed the lawn. 

Sunday, June 3, 1956 

The weather broke today and rained all day. Sis and Kenny went with us to Poulsbo. Over at 11am back at 3. Then I just took it easy. 

Tuesday, June 26, 1956 

Tarred twice and run lines and try to get things ready as I am going to start the seine tomorrow. Nice day today and tonight Sis and Ken and the kids and us went to Carkeek Park for supper. 

Friday, June 29, 1956 

Kenny took Chris, John and myself to Anacortes then took the car back and we took the boat down. We had a nice day. Left Anacortes at 1:15pm and home by 7 and over to John’s for dinner. Then over to Dicks for his 65th birthday. 

Saturday, August 11, 1956 

Home fooling around practically all day. Dinner at Kenny’s and then down to the Torchlight Parade. Beautiful Weather these days. 

Monday, September 3, 1956 

Labor Day and we stayed home til 3pm. Then Sis, Kenny, Katherine and Louie went up with us to see John and Ellen’s new home at Marysville. We also drove up to our lot at Lake Loma 

Friday, October 5, 1956 

We made 1 up at Eglon for 3, then up to the Spit where we made 3 more and after it all we had 14 fish. I don’t know how I can be getting so few. Sometimes I wonder if the seine fishes. Home at 7:15. We went over to Chris and Kenny’s for a while. 

Sunday, October 28, 1956 

Took it easy. The kids were here for a while and we took Florence and Wesley for a long ride. 

Friday, November 23, 1956 

Chris and Kenny here for leftovers. We are having beautiful weather. 

Sunday, December 9, 1956 

Weather good today outside of rain. Sis and family went with us and we went to Marysville for dinner with John and Ellen. We had a good time playing crib. 

Monday, December 24, 1956 

Funeral (Vi’s husband Fred Endres) at 9am and at 11:45 am we were on our way home. Home by 4pm and over to Sis’s tonight. She really had a houseful and the kids really liked it. Lizzie and Otto came over with us. 


Saturday, February 2, 1957

I got my glasses fixed for another 3 bucks and they are not right yet. Clayton, Viv and us were over to Louie’s for dinner, then went bowling with Goody 

Sunday, February 3, 1957

Took it easy. We had the kids over for dinner. The weather is breaking and getting warmer. 

Thursday, February 14, 1957 

Had dinner at home then went over to Sis’s and the kids got valentines. Broke the lens off of glasses 

Friday, February 22, 1957 

I worked all day in the basement and never left the house. Sis and Kenny and family here for dinner and at 8pm Red brought Grandma here 

Sunday, April 21, 1957 

Chris and I went to church before the Johansen’s left. Lindy was sick and was going to fly down. He took the plane at 1:30. The kids were here all day and we had a nice Easter. Tonight we are all alone for a change.

Sunday, June 9 1957

Sis came around and says she is going to leave Kenny and wants to live in the duplex. So now I have that to worry about too. 

Saturday, June 29 1957

Sis wanted to go out to the lake so we took Lori. We left her with Florence while we went to Poulsbo to see Mom who is in bad shape. Dad was pretty good. We picked up Lori and went home to bed. 

Friday, July 5th 1957

Stayed home. John Bratland here for dinner and also John and Ellen. Tonight we are alone except for Lori. Chris has had her since last Saturday as Sis is up at Lake Cavanaugh. 

Saturday, July 6 1957

Up at 7 and got the baby ready and left at 9 for Lake Cavanaugh. I thought we would get blackberries but no luck. Home again at 6:30.

Thursday, July 25 1957

Up and ready by 10am. We took Grandma down to Sis’s and off for Packwood by 11:15. Dinner on the way and in Packwood at 2:45. Tonight we had potato pancakes and roast beef and it sure was good. 

Friday, August 5 1957

Chris and I washed the bedroom this morning and that is about all I did today. Tonite we seen The Torchlight Parade. Connie and Wes were along. 

Saturday, August 24 1957

Nothing to do today so I started to put the hardware on Louie’s kitchen cabinets. Tonight we went over to Red and Anna’s for a while. Louis, Katherine and Sis and the kids went to Yakima for Grandma’s birthday. We have Lori here. 

Saturday, August 27, 1957 

Mowed the lawn and it was Diane’s birthday so we had dinner and a cake for her. We left at 1:30pm and arrived at Alex Bay at 7. We stretched a purse line that I’m going to put on this week.

Saturday, October 19, 1957

Did not know what to do today, Poulsbo or Marysville? Decided on Marysville and nobody home. Sis and the kids were along.

Friday December 6, 1957

Chris is going to a dentist in University district so I took her over and we bought a used davenport and put it down at Christine’s and then to work as usual.


Sunday, December 8, 1957

Sis and the kids and us and Grandma went to Marysville to celebrate Barbara’s birthday. Had a big dinner and a few drinks and home again at 9 pm. Fine day.

Saturday, December 14, 1957

We did sleep late 11 am. Then we went down to the duplex and put a light over Sis’s sink. We went to Nass’s for dinner and played rummy afterward.

Sunday, December 15, 1957 

Sis had trouble with Kenny last night so she was upset. So she and the kids came up to stayed for dinner. I went up to see Ike Engdahl at the hospital. 

December 24, 1957 

Xmas Eve and John and Ellen came down early. In the evening we went to Sis’s for the Christmas tree. The kids really got a lot of presents. 

December 28 Saturday 1957

We have really had a restful Xmas. Tonite we took the kids to look at Xmas trees and lights and then had lunch at Louie’s and then pinochle at the Holms.


Sunday, January 5, 1958 

We had breakfast at the Eagles. Then at 1pm we took Connie with us and went to see “Around the World in 80 Days”. Not bad but I wasn’t too enthused. Beautiful day. 

Thursday, January 9, 1958 

Chris and Sis went downtown and I worked on the TV. I couldn’t get 4, but now it is alright. It has been a rainy gloomy day. 

Sunday, January 12, 1958 

A slow day, slept late. Sis and the kids went to the show in our car at Northgate. 

Sunday, January 26, 1958 

We took all three of Sis’s kids with us and went out and visited John and Delores Bratland who have moved to the lake at Playland. It was a beautiful day. 

Sunday, March 2, 1958 

We took Connie, Grandma and Dede with us to Marysville and had dinner with John and Ellen. John had his eye operated on last Friday. Donna was along. 

Sunday, April 13, 1958 

A cold cloudy day and I did not do anything but take a load to the dump. Sis and her bunch here for dinner. 

Saturday, April 20, 1958 

Heavy rain and they had a Halibut parade. I took the kids down and then we all ate here. 

Tuesday, June 11, 1958 

To Poulsbo to see Dad. Connie and Diane along 

Saturday, July 27, 1958 

It is still hot. Chris and Connie and Dede went with me to Marysville and then on to Anacortes 

Saturday, August 2, 1958 

I have been fooling around all day but really don’t know what I did except make a bench for our picnic table and a couple of shelves for the boat. Dinner at Dick’s tonight. We have Lori with us as Sis went to Eastern Washington. 

Saturday, August 16, 1958 

I have been working at home and picked pears at 3046. Tonight Jim, Chris and the kids here for dinner. Sis and Jim plan to marry. 

Friday, September 19, 1958 

I helped Chris get the basement ready for Chris’s wedding reception tomorrow night. 

Saturday, September 20, 1958 

Big day for Christine as she got married at 4pm and they came here at 8pm. I made a big bowl of punch and there were 70 people in our basement. Too crowded and too much noise. I can’t say I enjoyed it ‘til after Jim’s side left. 

Thursday, October 9, 1958 

Blowing hard SE. We made one at Ludlow Pt. For 75 then 2 at the rock and the tide was over. We bucked into Sandy Beach and sold 121 dogs, 65 silver and home at 5 and salted the seine. Then home to dinner where Sis and the kids were. Sis is going to move to 65th and 24th. 

Thursday, November 27 

Thanksgiving. We were only 12 here today, so the gang is getting smaller.

Wednesday, December 24, 1958 

Down to Sis for Xmas Eve. They had dinner here first. I got disgusted with Sis as she got stiff and was a very poor hostess. 

December 26, 1958 Friday

The day after Xmas and Sis called and said she was sick so we took the kids up here. Mel, Dot, and Barb were here for potato balls.

Thursday December 27, 1958 Nothing to do. Katharine Hewling is sick with an infected ear and Christine Redel is sick abed with a virus. So Chris and I cleaned up both of their places this morning and brought them potato ball soup.

Sunday, December 28, 1958 

Took it easy and visited the sick today. Kath and Sis are both better. Madge stopped in for a while.