The Memory of My Dad


Dedicated to the memory of my dad, for his sharing with me past events that happened before I arrived on the scene. He had a computerized memory. 

Do have loads of appreciation to hand out. The bulk of course, goes to the readers that do not seem to mind reading my stuff, even though a lot of it is autobiographic. 

Many thanks go equally to the Davenport Times editor, Brad Stracener, for creating a name for this book, “Kik-backs,” and the sharp titles he gave the articles and stories. 

Terri Roloff-Warrington, Wilbur Register’s editor, for printing my stuff, and her encouragement, regardless of what I wrote. 

“Zebra Dog Charlie,” Wilbur’s newspaper man, for taking over the publishing of these journals. 

Sugar, for being my dictionary, and showing me which there and their to use. Also for making me happy all these years. 

In my spare time, it was enjoyable to write things as accurately as possible. It refreshed a lot of memories. 

Dedication to Kik-Backs

Walt Kik

Walt Kik