Better Known as the Poor House!

It’s neat to record those old nostalgic days of the past. An article in the Odessa Record written by Harold Kern so aptly took one back to those inconvenient but amusing days of long ago. 

The only satisfaction I got out of living back then was growing up with the improvements. Before Public Power got started, a small wind charger and a couple of car batteries was a big deal. If the dust storms didn’t stop blowing, lights could then be turned on with just a pull of the string. 

The things you didn’t have in those days you didn’t miss. Certainly no one would want to go back to the ‘good old days’. The next generation may say the same thing about our present times. 

In those pioneer days' if you had not made your stake before rheumatism set in, it was the County Farm for you. Better known as the ‘poor house'! If the poor house was lucky enough to have a back porch filled with chairs that overlooked a cemetery the unfortunate could sit in comfort and see their destination. 

Nowadays we can fight for good causes without getting a no-no signal. Blockheads that used to discriminate against blacks, and various minorities, are now being stopped in their tracks. Evolutionists and religionists are now trying to live side by side without saying too many naughty things about each other. Also women (bless them) are being made equal with us guys. 

There are no more ‘poor house’ fears. Social Security checks can just about take up the slack to keep senior citizens independent. If you are old enough or look sort of caved in, you can get discounts at certain eating places and movies. Eligible Medicare patients can swim at the YWCA for half price. It’s a good deal because it could stretch out your life a little beyond the sunset. 

Under the capitalistic system some of us are fortunate enough to salt a little away and live off the interest that some poor devil has to pay to get a start in life. Besides that, a lot of us get bigger Social Security checks than some of those that need it. 

Even though there are adjustments that should be made, we still have a lot of goodies that far outweigh the ‘good old days’. 

"Old Times Vs Now" Kik-Back Country, page 83 (home)     (thread)

Walt Kik
Social Security Board, 1935 
Library of Congress Digital Archives

Walt kik
21 May 1946 - The Spokesman-Review