Sweetness and Tender Loving Thoughts

While attending Harrington’s high school graduation in 1980, Superintendent Ray Amstadt handed out diplomas along with sincere congratulations to all the deserving graduates. It was a memorable evening for those young folks, their parents and friends. 

But somehow I missed the little happening of the year before when Jo Gooley so affectionately administered a hug to each diploma-receiving student. It transmitted a certain sweetness and tender loving thoughts. Of course one must realize that the fairer sex usually handles such forms of expression more realistically. 

What's wrong with expressing our feelings in a kind and loving way? The dividend is usually a return smile and a good feeling. When the situation is proper, try giving that someone you’re tickled to see an old-fashioned hug. Even just a squeeze on the arm makes for a good feeling of communication. It’s a good substitute ’til the subject quits stiffening up like a board. A hug should transmit a friendship that lasts forever, unless you are a hypocrite with sneaky intentions. 

Hand shaking is just a formal way of greeting. It did serve a purpose back in the caveman days. Our ancestors really got shook up when anyone came around the bluff. For safety, they would grab their opponent’s hands to see if they were carrying any rocks that could be used for destructive purposes. In those days, stoning was quite popular. 

Most of us have lots and lots of goodness in our hearts. Let’s go back a few years; some of you may remember a picture in Newsweek of a young American soldier in Vietnam. He was loaded down with a dangerous rifle strapped over his shoulder. What was he holding in his arms and hugging close to his face? A scared, little lost doggie that he had befriended while on his way to do destructive things that he had been programmed to do. Being kind and not wanting instinctively to harm a living thing, was this young man’s true nature. I wish someone had been there to give that guy a big hug. 

"What’s Wrong With Hugging" Kik-Backs, page 89 (home)     (thread)

Walt Kik
1954 A M Kendrick Collection / DigitalArchives.WA.gov

"A scared, little lost doggie that he had befriended while on his way to do destructive things..."
[This may not be the photo Walt was referring to.]