*-?#$ And a Few Other Odd Sounds

Can harvest be a fun and a relaxing time of the year? Yes, it can. Those that can’t share in such ecstasy, should take a short course in human behavior and learn to cope with the adversities of harvest. 

The combine mechanical system can fail, or, a rock has a way of making trouble causing bad things to come out of some farmers' mouths like *-?#$ and a few other odd sounds. 

A self-disciplinary course in mental training will turn these sounds into “Oh, my goodness, just look what happened to this combine. Isn’t it a shame? It does need mending, so I’d better get busy and fix it.” This “born again" farmer can now enjoy the rewards and peace of harvest. There is always a great satisfaction after an all-day break down to get the machine humming and back into the grain swath. 

In the mornings, before starting your combine motor, go through a mental drill with yourself that all hell could break out somewhere in the harvester, or the motor could develop a funny sound.

The atmosphere should be one of serenity. Always, if possible, have the fair sex as truck drivers. It will cause your best manners to show when she drives up for a load of wheat.  

"Enjoy Harvest" Kik-Backs, page 46, part 1 (continued)     (home) 

Walt Kik
Library of Congress Digital Archives