Drooling Would Begin

When the cold winter nights began to set in, and supper dishes were taken off the table, the Sears catalog got pulled off the overloaded center table, and carried to where the main source of light was. As the pages were turned to our favorite markings of the playthings that would later be sent for, drooling would begin. Sometimes just looking at the pictures of the toy we wanted was rewarding enough to last us for part of the evening.

Finally, before bedtime, a black slab of slate would get drug out for about the 300th time. Drawing was then done with a squeaky slate pencil. With each repetition, the drawing was enhanced a bit more. Tinker toys, with a little imagination was an exciting toy to play with during my toy venture days. 

Once again Christmas time is here. It’s interesting to go over our past childhood Christmases. Every event was brand new to us then. We have a lot to be thankful for, as most of us will soon complete another year. We Christmas children of the past are now playing the roles of parents, grandparents, or the childless ones. It’s how we found ourselves cast in life. 

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Walt Kik
Walt Kik
This Christmas postcard was mailed to my grandfather around 1910.

Walt Kik