Backed Up and Dug a Mile of Holes

[O]ver 40 years ago, a procrastinating farmer didn’t want in on the [Lincoln Electric] Co-op charter membership roll. Later, this fellow, in the advanced stage of thinking, developed second thoughts and wanted electricity, too. The old LEC freshman crew backed up and dug a mile of holes, making it possible to bring in this tardy member. 

In those days, Lincoln Electric had to aim their lines to where the signed up customers lived, instead of going from farm to farm. Wires were strung through Rocklyn, picking up only one house. The rest joined up later when they found out that LEC juice worked just as good as any stuff that WWP [Washington Water Power] offered to put out. 

When those brand new lines started carrying kilowatts, most of us acted like a bunch of kids, going from room to room turning lights on and off. If we woke up during the night, the pull-chain would get a tug, just to see instant light. It was like living in town. Until the novelty wore off, a not-quite-so-necessary trip was made to the bathroom before morning.

"More Comments" Kik-Backs, page 78, part 1

Inland Empire Electricity
Spokane Chronicle · 25 Apr 1939