Dedication to "Kik-Backs No. 3"

I dedicate this last Kik-back book in memory of Sugar’s mother, Emily, who sacrificed a lot for Sugar’s well being, and was able to adjust to life under circumstances that would have driven me bats. Kind and good hearted, Emily lived a devoted, semi-contented life with a husband that spent too much time figuring out all that complicated stuff in the Bible. 

Despite her environment, Emily made many friends, and was loved by everyone that knew her. She put up with my style of living without ever whimpering a sound of disapproval. 

After spending most of her child bearing years on a Rocklyn scabland ranch, she got her husband to move to the center of Rocklyn—where she took over the Post Office, and became the Rocklyn correspondent for the Davenport Times.—Sadly, Emily spent her final days bedridden from the effects of diabetes that caused blindness and leg amputation. 

Walt Kik 

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Walt Kik

Mother Emily with her two daughters, Sugar and Edwina