More Homespun Insights

There is a small percentage of older folks that love to give their idea of good advice when they are no longer able to set a bad example.

Time eventually will place us all on that trail that leads to the sunset of life. Yet, one shouldn’t complain about getting old, as it’s a privilege denied to many. 

Shacks were getting nailed together, people were walking around in all directions, and the rattlesnakes were getting jittery.

The only records I ever kept on the wall calendar was the number of eggs gathered each day, and later when I got married, the amount of money that was missing when Sugar needed things. 

Ah, spring, beautiful spring! Once again the growing season is here in full force. Let’s enjoy nature with it’s gifts of wildflowers, birds and other living things that still abound between towns and heavily settled areas.

In defense of the rest of us that choose other ways of getting started with our mates, there is no concrete evidence that couples going through this kind of silver-plated [marriage] ritual ever live out any smoother lives. 

In my depression days of long ago, we didn’t have computers to forecast our hopeless troubles, so we didn’t have as much information to worry about.

Kids are the best kind of people, because everything you do for them is still new, and it’s easy to make them happy. Besides, you can act like a kid with them and enjoy the fun part of life. 

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A M Kendrick - Ritzville
Marianne Bier / Ritzville 1936