Wrinkles Change the Map on Our Faces

If you happen to be lucky enough to share a bed with the same partner for half a century, it’s time to throw a celebration of victory for lasting that long. That’s what the Davenport Assembly of God did when they threw a 50th anniversary bash for Bud and Beulah Olsen in May, 1985. 

When we got through kissing and congratulating these fifty year veterans of married bliss, Sugar and I separated, and wandered around through a roomfull of faces, while fellowshipping with old acquaintances that took separate roads in life. They were folks that we usually don’t see ’til an important wedding takes place, or another golden anniversary arrives on the scene. 

Memories have a strange way of unfolding. It only takes a little mental shifting of gears to recognize old friends that have developed a more matured, and well settled look. Time does show the wear and tear on all of us. Wrinkles change the map on our faces, but most everyone retains the same familiar giggle, and smile that makes it easy to identify forgotten friends from teenage days. 

Most of us oldsters still love our mates, as well as little children. We should try to keep that same stored up feeling that makes life go around. 

"A Golden Anniversary" Kik-Back Country, page 93, part 1

"...forgotten friends from teenage days."
A M Kendrick Collection / DigitalArchives.WA.gov