A Privilege Denied to Many

Guess I'm just a lucky retired guy, without a mobile home to worry about. Sugar is still too young for the rocking chair, so we find ourselves getting almost too involved in more interesting things than ever before. 

For those of us that are still physically wound up, jogging is a good answer for that depressed feeling. Sure, flat feet or a tired body can suddenly feed your mind a message that jogging is for the birds. 

Unless your heart acts funny-like, don’t give up! You can avoid that “heck with it” syndrome by breaking yourself in kind of slow-like. Soon you will enjoy the birds and flowers as you happily stretch out your mileage. 

Time eventually will place us all on that trail that leads to the sunset of life. Yet, one shouldn’t complain about getting old, as it’s a privilege denied to many. 

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Walt Kik