Only Blockheads Would Do Such a Thing

Back east, before the turn of the century where logic prevailed, farmers never sacked their wheat. They caught the threshed grains in large wagon boxes as it came tumbling out of the separators. We older farmers out west don't have to recall very far back to remember that there must have been a cog missing between our ears.

How come we didn't rationalize that it wasn't very smart to drop our threshed wheat in 140-pound bags flat on the ground from the combine? Later we had to go back and hunt for them in the tall stubble. Then by using brute strength, we picked the sacks up with our bare hands and lifted them into the wagon or truck.

For some of us that same practice was going on when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. It makes my back ache just thinking about it. Nowadays only blockheads would do such a thing. 

"Harvest Was In The Bag", Kik-Backs, page 80, part 1 (continued)     (home)

Walt Kik
Loading wheat following a combined harvester, Cache County, Utah
1936 / Library of Congress
Harris & Ewing, photographer

"Small truck with a load of wheat"
Oregon Records Management Solution
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