Stepdad Locked Her Out

Writing bits of events and local history that surrounded my life, is still part of my retirement hobby. I’m getting to be an old guy now, but don’t intend to get older any faster than I have to. I did escape the mid-life crises that made lots of guys do odd things, like chucking their wives for something better. 

Over five decades ago, when I reached my 30th year of living, I found Sugar, and that made the rest of my adult life more better. We both needed each other, but didn’t realize it until after we eloped and came back married. 

Now with the biggest share of our lives used up, it got me to thinking how fortunate it was that Sugar’s stepdad locked her out of the house when I brought her home too late.-- For this I owe father Deppner sincere gratitude for barricading the entrance. She became mine that night. Sugar was attending high school at that time and could have found a younger, educated guy.

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