Caught Me with My Pants Down

Just because I don’t go for philandering TV evangelists that rake in big buck dollars, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love everyone. It was not the lack of love my home town paper had for me that caused them to kick Kik-Backs out of the paper. They just decided on a policy of not letting religious events, good or bad, become part of local history. I just sort of like freedom of expression. 

This censorship caught me with my pants down. I began to realize that I would not be receiving free copies of The Times anymore. But I got fooled—I was given a one year subscription, which I appreciate. After all, they did put up with my controversial articles for over 14 years. The Davenport Times had been my home town paper since I was learning the three R's out at the old Rocklyn schoolhouse. 

Now, since the freebies are over with The Times, lets let love take over. I knew Walt Wilbur way back when he was scratching for a living, and I was trying to hold onto my farm. I used to spend lots of time with Walt when he was in the old downtown office, discussing and arguing politics. Walt, a Republican, and me, a Democrat, didn’t stop us from having a good ‘merry go round’. Small town freedom of the press was working in those days at the Davenport Times. 

We have to have a difference of opinion. What a sorry world it would be if we just stood around and looked at each other. No progress would be made that way. 

"I've Been Censored" Kik-Backs No. 3, page 37, part 1 (continued)    (home)