Wheat Was Finally Needed

 A long time ago farmers had to creep before they could walk. When 1939 rolled around, the price of wheat had doubled itself from the rock bottom price in 1932. Even with that 100% price raise, wheat was still selling for less than a dollar. Yet, a bushel of wheat bought more stuff 46 years ago than it does now. In some ways, farmers that were broke then, were in much better shape than the speculative farmers that are in debt today. 

In those pre-war days a lot of us farmers didn’t have much money in our pockets, but it didn’t cost anything to wait for better times. When 1942 showed up, wheat was finally needed, and inflation stood still for a long period of time due to a government price freeze. 

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Walt Kik
"...it didn’t cost anything to wait for better times."
Standing in field, Prosser, Washington, circa 1920-1929
Washington State University Archives

Walt Kik