Snuggle Rather Close

A while back, I was paying a call on a guy about closing an old business account. While trying to come to an agreement in the living room, his wife came in and asked if he knew where the vacuum cleaner attachment was. "It's where it should be, " was his answer. He then turned to me and said, "She will find it. All she has to do is use her head."

When I was getting ready to leave, this guy responded to a knock on the door. A middle aged lady was lost and wanted to know how to get to a certain place. He told her in such details how to get to her destination that she could easily visualize the kind of scenery she would be seeing. When the lost lady was about to leave, he said, "Wait a minute, I'll draw you a map."

That sort of bugged me. For all I knew, his wife could still be looking for that vacuum cleaner attachment.

When a young guy, I saw this same fellow operate at Grange dances. This live wire was a very courteous guy - a sort of a gallant knight. He would dash around the car to open the other door for his date. He probably had the habit of lifting his hat off his head when the opposite sex went by.

As a young fellow, I didn't do all those fancy things. I would have made out better if the Women's Liberation Movement would have been in effect. I sort of like to approach the opposite sex on an equal base. When Sugar and I were fresh married, Sugar tried to grade me up a little by asking if I would walk on the street side of the sidewalk with her. (It was the custom in those days.) To make her happy, I did. I guess it was to protect women if a car came running up onto the sidewalk.

Getting back to being nice, what's wrong with living with the thought that any day could be you last day? Would you then bark at your wife?

The best cure for such inconsideration is to take out the old album. Call your wife into the living room even if she is busy looking for a vacuum cleaner attachment. Snuggle rather close together. As the pages of youthful pictures are turned, begin to reminisce of bygone days. Memorable thoughts of happiness and past dreams will be renewed and make you feel very sweet.

Then turn and look at each other. The aging process will tell you that time is shortening the road that you will be together. You will then realize there is less time left to be helpful and considerate.

"Let's Be Sweet" Kik-Back Country, page 92 
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