A Scary and Nutty Thing to Do

In the search for  Sugar, I just had to do some moonlighting between my Saturday night cargo. By vacating the car down to one passenger, I was then able to locate a Fayetta, then an Evelyn; thus proving to myself that I could handle dates. 

The real break came when Bob Hardy found his Edna. That caused Bob to get married, and that caused the neighborhood to give them a shivaree. Wanting to see what a bride looked like spurred me to show up. After the traditional noise and destruction of a shivaree, and meeting Bob's brand new wife, I got to thinking that was no place to start a political argument, so I just gawked around, saying hello to everyone.

All at once, a smiling face met my face. It was Sugar. I thought to myself, "Could she be that stretched-out girl who not so many moons ago, waved at me out of the school bus window?" She sure did look different since all her equipment had arrived. I knew her when she was a timid little girl. Once I offered my knee to her as a chair, but she rejected me by walking away, carrying her doll upside down. 

A week after Hardy's shivaree, we attended a high school carnival at Creston. In less than a month I took Sugar to a wobbly old justice of the peace and got married. A scary and a nutty thing to do, but I found my Sugar.

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Walt Kik

    In 1970 I entered Washington State University in Pullman. I chose to live in Orton Hall which became, that year, the first co-ed dorm on campus. The admissions volunteers in the lobby asked me if I wanted to live on an upper or lower floor of the 12 story building. I said I did not know or maybe that I couldn't decide. That is how I ended up in the middle - the 6th floor. (I soon learned that several of my dorm/floormates had the exact same story.) Connie lived in a dorm at the University of Idaho (eight miles away) for the first few weeks of school because of a housing shortage on campus. Her dorm mates became close friends during those weeks. When she moved to Orton, she lived on the ninth floor but hung out with several of her Idaho friends who lived on my floor. That is how I became aware of her existence. PAK