Several Scattered Yokels Guffawed

While attending a big Unitarian pow-wow Friday night in Spokane, a good friend suggested that since I am alone, why don't you do some of the things that Sugar would not be interested in. His words rang a bell, so Saturday after my swim at the Y, I felt devilish and bought a ticket at an X-rated movie house, just to see what those under 17 should not see.

Well, it was pure garbage and so crudely done that I cringed as several scattered yokels guffawed regularly at the most gauchest of sex scenes. Neither good lusty sex nor a story ever happened. Revulsion yielded to boredom. Even carnal atrocities in a carnal place finally become a drag. Muttering under my breath because I'd been taken, I headed out to the street and got lost among the many Lilac parade watchers.

Upon returning home Saturday evening, I could not think of another thing I would care to do without Sugar.

"Lonesome; Sugar Gone For The Weekend" Kik-Backs page 28